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Ben Phillips Sound

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Ben Phillips Sound is a live sound and music production company based in London, England. The Company was founded by Ben Phillips in 2023 Who has experience as a musician recording, writing and performing his own content.


Our Experience

We have experience in live and studio sound production, recording, equipment repairs, composing, A&R and organising events.

What We Do

  • Recording

  • Mixing

  • Mastering

  • Audio Editing

  • Live sound

Our Company Values

We believe the sound engineer's role is not just a thankless job in the industry. Instead it is vital in helping the artists find their sound, creating things the artist never even considered and helping artists achieve their full potential, wether its performing or putting songs on wax.

Our Mission


Our mission is to provide quality sound solutions in recordings and live performance by putting in as much care to our craft as the artists we work with. We achieve this by continually pushing ourselves and  treating every mixing situation as new. 

Why Us?

With five years experience in recording and producing for multiple acts, as well as experience in doing sound for multiple venues in south west London, you can be sure that you are win the hands of professionals. 

The independent music scene is growing by the day and has never been so competitive meaning artists and venues need to work harder, music industry professionals today need to master a wide array of skills to stand out. 

Utilising our services allows you to focus more energy on the important things!

We pride ourselves on our reliability and commit to our promise when we take up work.

But don't just take our word for it, See our list of testimonials for studio work and live sound





Live Sound

Live sound services for venues start at £120. 



Mixing services start from £80 a track and mastering services start from £50 a track



Recordings start from £11ph

Midas 32 digital mixing console



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