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Magic MCMD
Subway Surfing MCMD
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Testimonials for Recording

"Ben Phillips is a talented mastering engineer with a real passion and dedication to his craft. He works hard to achieve a outstanding product and delivers above and beyond expectations!" - Reece Chapman, Singer Songwriter

"Ben is an experienced and professional sound engineer for both live and recorded audio.

I have been a band mate of Ben's for around 4 years - in which time I have seen Ben programme live sound and setups for gigs in a variety of venues, as well as recording audio for EP's and singles for multiple instruments. 

Ben is adept at working under pressure and often in less than ideal circumstances with issues that arise frequently in live music settings. Ben is also an organised and methodical recording engineer - I have recorded alongside and for Ben, on tracks where Ben has recorded and mixed drums, bass guitar, multiple rhythm and lead guitar channels and vocals. 

I have seen Ben invest heavily in his equipment and ensure that he has the appropriate tools/software to record in a variety of settings and a variety of musical genres.

Overall I would reccomend Ben in a Professional capacity to any venue, artist or band looking for a sound tech/engineer." - Jim Talbott, frontman for The Divisions

"I have worked with Ben Phillips on my upcoming single "Tahya Algeria" a collaboration with Algerian rap group "Montana Family". I'm very pleased with the mix and master results and the hard work by Ben Phillips. I have decided to work with Ben on my future project and to offer his services to all Zenka music artists" - Raouf Adear, Zenka Music Entertainment

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